Sewing Threads

We pioneered WonderThread®, Whispertouch® and ISOray® threads for use in the apparel and home furnishing industries as well as threads for outdoor sewing applications. These innovative products use special resin blends for unmatched strength and softness, and their translucent nature reduces the need for color matching. These qualities have established Shakespeare® branded sewing thread as the premier monofilament sewing thread in the world.

Core Products

WonderThread: Transparent & UV resistant. The nylon
monofilament sewing thread is available in both soft
and high tenacity versions. The polyester industrial
sewing thread has low moisture regain and higher UV

Whispertouch: Ultra-soft & low luster. This nylon
industrial sewing thread is suitable for a variety of
applications including apparel.

ISOray: 100% UV resistant & highly transparent.
This fluoropolymer monofilament industrial sewing
thread features excellent chemical resistance, soil
release and low moisture regain. It is designed for
outdoor use and harsh chemical environments.

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