Our Legacy

As the pioneer in the monofilaments industry with more than 50 years experience, Shakespeare Monofilaments manufactures innovative and quality products for a wide range of applications.

We are the world’s largest supplier of custom monofilaments with over 40 extruders worldwide. We manufacture and market a balanced portfolio of product lines that are targeted to specific customer needs.


Shakespeare Monofilaments is vertically integrated into resin manufacturing and consumer packaging, which allows us to oversee our production from raw materials to finished product. This capability ensures that our product lines meet strict quality standards and that we are able to control, monitor and customize our products for you.

Environment Focus

Our company is committed to environmental sustainability. We have several programs in place to reduce the impact on the environment and the strain on our Earth’s resources. These initiatives include recycling programs, reduction of plastic in our packaging, migration from PVC to recycled PET and energy conservation.

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